Concept Workers Selection





Enjoy sake worldwith your five sences...
"Wines made from cabernet sauvignonhave firm tannins and full and rich taste. It tastes like this because it is madewith this yeast." "This must be a dry sake because it has a high degree of Nihonshu-do. What is the most important point when you choose an alcohol beverage? Rice variety? Grape variety? Alcohol contents? Various comments written on the label?
Our company, SAKE-SHOW YAMADA believes that the original pleasure of drinking is that customers enjoy drinking with their five senses. All alcohol beverages express brewer's passion and the local climate. In Concept Workers Selection, we'd like to develop sakes that appeal to the five senses of customers with sake breweries.


Three elemenrs for appealing to the sensitivity
We place importance on three elements to develop sake that people enjoy with their sensitivity.


CONCEPT WORKERS SELECTION is a collection of products born from the above ideas.
This is product development that does not merely enhance
items’future functionality and specifications but rather
appeals to people’s emotions and sentiments.
Furthermore, by seeking product value from differing
angles, we also hope to assist those who have forgotten
the pleasure of sake to once again rediscover this delight.
Our aim is to give shape to the simple feeling that
Life would be so much more interesting if this product
existed!”in the form of a single product.


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